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Coronation Scene (Boris Godunov)


Few operas have had such a remarkable history as Mussorgsky’s masterpiece Boris Godunov . It exists in no less than three complete versions by the composer himself, as well as posthumous editions and orchestrations by Rimsky-Korsakov (from which this arrangement is taken), Shostakovich and others.

The Coronation Scene is set in the Square of the Moscow Kremlin, between the Cathedral of the Assumption and the Cathedral of Archangel Michael, the year is 1598. After being crowned as Tsar, Boris Godunov acknowledges the people’s acclamations and the bells of the two cathedrals, as well as many churches within the vicinity, can be heard ringing out across St Petersburg.

A sound clip of this piece can be found here

Item Code: 0-571-56512-4
Duration: c.6'10" (4'30" with optional cut)
Grade: 2nd Section and above

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