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The Alchymist's Journal


This Leyland Band release features seven first-time recordings including The Alchymist’s Journal by Kenneth Hesketh and Four Sketches by Simon Dobson - the winning entry in the 2002 European Brass Band Composer Competition. Soloist James Gourlay performs the brass band arrangement of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Tuba Concerto . Other works included are Global Variations and A Thames Journey by Nigel Hess, RPM and Headbanger by Matthew Hindson, Peterloo Overture by Malcolm Arnold and the comedy encore piece Keystone Kops by Carl Davis.

Full Track Listing:

1. Global Variations  Nigel Hess, 8'25"
2. Four Sketches  Simon Dobson
i. Fanfare, 1'18"
ii. Prayer, 3'54"
iii. Funeral March, 3'21"
iv. Finale, 2'43"
3. Tuba Concerto  Ralph Vaughan Williams
soloist: James Gourlay
i. Prelude, 4'36"
ii. Romanza, 4'55"
iii. Rondo alla Tedesca, 3'02"
4. RPM  Matthew Hindson, 4'08"
5. The Alchymist's Journal  Kenneth Hesketh, 11'20"
6. A Thames Journey  Nigel Hess, 9'47"
7. Headbanger Matthew Hindson, 5'52"
8. Peterloo  Malcolm Arnold, 9'30"
9. Keystone Kops Carl Davis, 2'12"

Item Code: 0-571-52287-4
Total Playing Time: 75'10"

Some soundclips of the music can be found here

The CD was produced by Phillip Littlemore, and some of the works on this recording are available for sale from this site:

Global Variations
Keystone Kops
A Thames Journey
Tuba Concerto

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