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Crown Imperial


The Leyland Band, under their conductor Thomas Wyss, present this CD featuring much of the music performed at the coronations of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. The music comes from the most eminent of British composers including Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst, Herbert Howells, John Ireland, Arthur Bliss and William Walton - it is a patriotic tribute to the pomp that only the British can do!

"This disc has some old favourites dressed up in new clothes - and a better fit I would contest - and some new material to brass band. Phillip Littlemore has already carved out a reputation for his imaginative arrangements and here he builds on that success with his new company, Timbercroft. The substance here is much more than the classical romps which are full of predictable pomp and circumstance. This is an imaginative programme. How refreshing." (Tim Mutum, The British Bandsman)

"Leyland Band has enjoyed a musical connection with Philip Littlemore for many years. This fertile link continues with this recording, which showcases a number of new arrangements, enlivened old favourites and fresh repertoire which has been expertly connected in a coherent programme, much of it linked to the pageantry of state occasions. There is much to enjoy here." (Peter Bale, 4barsrest)

Full Track Listing:

1. Welcome The Queen  Arthur Bliss, 7'04"
2. Epic March  John Ireland, 7'24"
3. Blaenwern  William Rowlands, 4'21"
4. Toccata  Ralph Vaughan Williams, 4'54"
    Music for the Royal Fireworks George Frederic Handel
5. Overture, 8'37"
6. Bouree, 2'13"
7. La Paix, 2'30"
8. Minuets I & II, 2'43" 
9. La Rejouissance, 2'50"
10. Crown Imperial  William Walton, 6'59"
11. Nimrod  Edward Elgar, 4'00"
12. King's Herald  Herbert Howells, 4'40"
13. The Westminster Waltz  Robert Farnon, 2'49"
14. I Vow To Thee, My Country  Gustav Holst, 5'40"
15. Pomp & Circumstance March No.1  Edward Elgar, 6'48"

Item Code: TPCD-003
Total Playing Time: 73'41

Some soundclips of the music can be found here

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